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The salamander wouldn’t tell me the password, even though I talked to it with the Red Prince that has pet pal...
To clarify. The point isn't to have A lizard to talk to Xiuh (red salamander at Ryker's mansion). It's to have THE Red Lizard. A royalty. It working with Fane mask was a "bug" and "fixed" on Definitive Edition. To be able to talk to the fancy salamander and it share its secret, it need to acknowledge you as a majesty. If you don't have Red Prince in your group, you can either 1) eat the disembodied lizard leg from Stranger in a Strange Land or 2) get your way into Ryker's basement by accepting his quest to retrieve a tablet from Blackpits (after this and after leaving and coming back, the basement hatch will be uncovered and a servant will give you a note telling Ryker is waiting for you down there). At the north part of the basement, among other body parts, there'll be a disembodied leg that will teach you the song. The female lizard spirit near the chest tells you "an elf" didn't left empty handed. Luckly "an elf" left a leg...
For some reason, the song option didn't show up for me with the mask's lizard form, only the elf form that ate the leg
Learning the secret from a leg didn't give xp. Opening the chest this way gave the same amount of xp as the persuasion check
3) Have high persuasion (I did it with 4 points) and use Fane’s mask to turn into a lizard then talk to the chest and convince it to open for you. Best and easiest option if you’re lone wolf with no Red Prince. If you’re persuasion isn’t high enough just respec on the ship first and put it back into whatever (probably thievery) when done.
What you can do is have ANY lizard with a scholar tag talk to the salamander in rykers cheers!
Easy approach: Teleport the chest out of the flame, have the lizard prince talk to it (4 persuasions needed), and tell the chest that you have the authority to open the chest (because you are the prince). It'll open for you and you loot the chest. No other quests needed.
if you have a party going for you it mathers who tryed picklocking it i pickloed with loshe "she is my rouge type character" and i can still talk to it with others in the party everyone has thier own new dialog with most npc's that isnt tied into main quests that being said even some mainquest npc's are included if you didnt fisnish thier quests yet he/she will still say oh hi! like its the first time again when you start conversation with another character just so you know
if you already picked the lock on the chest, which is super easy to do, without ever realizing you can "talk" to a treasure chest...wtf..the quest marker will stay incomplete and the lizard will refuse to talk to you even if you use fane's mask... however, as someone below suggested, throwing the chest back into the fire and then bashing it with a weapon, will complete the quest, but it's worth 3875 xp, not 20,000
I teleported the chest to a safer place not knowing it will break after. Guess that is one way to finish the quest
The salamander won't teach my Red Prince the song, I have no idea why. "You feel like it's trying to tell you something, but you've no idea what..."
Need pet pal on red prince?
In DE, only the Red Prince or a Custom Lizard with Scholar Tag can get the song from Xiuh (also requires Pet Pal). Total max XP for this quest if you can obtain the song is 11600 XP (7725 XP is awarded for getting song from Xiuh + 3875 XP for opening the chest). Otherwise, the max XP for this quest is 3875 XP.
found conzul zur's leg on top of the pillar x:583 y:786
In DE, if you give Sebille Fane's mask and transform into a Lizard, she understands the chest.
However, as mentioned in the page, it doesn't work with the salamander. Bit annoying.