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I wish I knew that if you join the rosaria's fingers covenant she'll not like you... I want to die.
But hey, that's dark souls right?
If you do want the ring, you can get it in NG+2 (which you means you'll have to beat the game, start NG+2 and get the ring from doing the quest).
Joining Rosaria is fine, turning in Pale Tongues is what makes Sirris hate you. (reallocating attributes and changing your appearance is alright, though)


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1000+ hours and I didn’t notice that it has an animation if triggered, wtf
Perfect for doing Plunging attacks in invasions without taking damage from the fall. VERTICALITY!
I helped Sirris with her grandpa without helping her with Creighton. She pledged her loyalty to me and the Creighton fight is not there. Did I lock myself out of this ring?
Try warping back to firelink or go across the bridge. It should come up.
can you still get it after joining a covenant against sirris
you can join the covenant but not give rosaria the pale tonge to upgrade covenant. you can change your appearence and change status but not give her the tongue to upgrade the covenant or the sirris will become hostile
I think that this ring is the best at ithryll of boreal valley where the archers are
With this ring, you have the most powerful force in the entire Dark Souls franchise on your side - gravity. Perfect for PvP, as you can use an otherwise near deadly fall as a way to bait and lure r1 spammers/running attack users and gankers to their deaths. Also great for parkour when chasing down a host. Great ring.
If only Tarkus had this.
Rip tarkus :,(
As long as the Hight would still kill you, that Ring wouldn't have helped him. But our Memorys of him makes him Immortal!
Is the cat ring a dlc only item
No, no... not at all. Just talk to sirris a lot at firelink and stay away from Rosaria and that should about do it, for a better summary I suggest reading the wiki page on her questline
Next time READ those Words that are in the Wiki, instead of asking such a braindead stupid Question.
It doesn’t work if you try to jump off the lift at Irithyll dungeons. Just so you know.
it’ll save you from the lift to the dragon worshippers but not the one to the giant