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So... it's a claymore for luck/bleed builds?
The Flamberge is a solid weapon all-round and absolutely wrecks on my pyro character (+10 and Chaos infusion). I love using it in PVP alongside neat pyromancies. I'm sure it will also work wonders on a luck/bleed build (buffing it with Carthus Rouge or infusing it with a Blood Gem).
My flamberge is infused with poison (wich increases bleed for some reason) and despite of the low ar the poisoned weapon receives, it still hits like a truck
Actually, you can consider the flamberge as a weapon with a "raw" innate bleeding. Because it has a E scaling for luck, almost Nothing, even for bleed infusion. And surprisingly, the best luck scalings with the same base bleeding in greatswords are first the claymore blood with a D scaling, then the bastard sword blood, then the drakeblood greatsword blood, and finally the flamberge blood with a E scaling! Conclusion : if you want a bleed greatsword scaling with luck, go for the claymore! Or you can try a classic flamberge with carthus resin, but i think it wouldn't be as good for bleeding.
My most favorite ds3 weapon. Extremely powerful in PVP. It looks so unassuming that people usually let their guard down. Until they get poked by the heavy stance and lost 2/3 of their HP. Too late boi, your weeby weapons cant save you now.
Fkn kek my soulstream will whoop your @ss soyboy.
This weapon's WA R2 is glitched. It does much more damage than it's supposed to. This weapon is so underused, probably due to its drop rate, that From never patched it out. So it looks like it's here to stay. I'm fine with that. Without it, there wouldn't be too much of a reason to use this over the claymore. Particularly good lightning and crystal infusion, btw.
it's also relatively good with carthus bleed buff. 3-4 hits and boom, 1000+dmg on the proc. Very uselful against enemies and bosses that can bleed. The R2 stance attack easily deals around 900-1000. Not to mention that it looks really good, fashion-wise.
Claymore r2 poke and good infusion scaling is what makes it so good, together with the poise from WA which flamberge also has. The R2 poke can track + have free movement during the animation, range is extremely long and excellent for neutral game and baiting. Against people who are extremely good at spacing u will easily lose with flamberge, so you will need an offhand for that.
That said, this thing rocks in a poise quality build. Quality build is known for the amount of tools they possess. High poise wep, Fast long wep, multiple special WA. Do hardswaps and only use this against slow wep or roll spammer to poise through their atk or rollcatch.