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this guy is like a badass car driver, you break his car (the chicken) and then he steps out and destroys ur *** for revenge.
This boss is sending me into deep despair after watching that video where some chick kills it playing with a dance mat and I ***** up every roll
p1: lightning claymore x r2 p2: irithyll straight sword x r2 profit.
People say he is hard because it took them 8 tries to learn his moves... ...Here I am struggling with the first phase after 15+ tries That unholy, broken unavoidable aerial fire breath
Same scrub who wrote the comment above. I finally beat him, on the second phase I used a bow and arrows and kept shooting him while avoiding his ranged/leap attacks
did u feel like u went hawkeye?
Apply lightning lube to a weapon with vertical swings for the dragon, then use a fast fire-buffed weapon to send scarf boy back to papa gwyn. Maybe they'll have a nice reunion, seeing how they both have bull*****grab attacks in common.
Tee hee you so stronk, make me moist
Anyone available to jump on and kick this guys arse? He’s guarding the last ring I need for plat.
How did you farm PvP covenants, clear every area in ng++, but not kill NK
Circle him with a dragonslayer greatshield, punish openings, cheese.. Now if you didn't use the shield for this boss.... that'd be a lot more rolling, room for mistakes.
It's almost like... using a greatshield makes most bosses easier
Did it third try, just stayed under the dragon and hit its neck, then fought the fella normally without much trouble