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There's an ending for the main character where you end up being hte shadow leader with Rockwell as your puppet. Not sure how to trigger it but I initimidated Rockwell in the encounter before the ending.
If you successfully complete the sublight missions, Lilya Hagen, gets a different ending. Also sublight mercs help you on Tartarus during the good ending.
During the "good ending" play through, the main character's ending can change slightly based on a choice you make when talking to Dr. Phineas Welles. He asks what you are going to do now and you can choose to 1. run the colony, 2. help phineas 3. go freelance. One of the cutscenes changes accordingly.
4. Eat Ice Cream (Dumb option)
ever heard of google? "An éminence grise (French pronunciation: ​[eminɑ̃s ɡʁiz]) or grey eminence is a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates "behind the scenes", or in a non-public or unofficial capacity."
so is there not a kill everything ending XD
I guess this is still a WiP? you're missing tons dude
I must have messed up Parvati's quest as the Terra 2 and quests completed act like I didn't do her quest.
Parvati is the only companion with two personal quests. You have to help her initiate her generic lesbian romance with Junlei, and then later she sends you on a multi-planet fetch quest to help her set up a date for the two of them.
Lilya Hagen good ending also missing
There's a mention in the files of an ending involving Earth's fate , but yet I have not found triggers for it.
It feels like the Edgewater ending is incomplete or otherwise missing information. There's 4 options for dealing with the Emerald Vale, direct power to Edgewater, fail to convince the people of the botanical labs to come back to Edgewater (is this even possible or do you have to convince them to go back?), direct power to Edgewater, convince everyone barring Adelaide ro come back, direct power to the botanical labs and finally direct power to Edgewater and get Adelaide to become the leader. I don't see options for at least two of those, but primarily, the one ending I want to see is what happens if all the people of the labs comes back but Adelaide stays behind. Further, is there any way to actually save Edgewater in a permanent way? Passed the decision of who to direct power to? Something to prevent the pollution? More answers are needed.


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I actually choose to direct power to Edgewater but Adelaide stayed behind while Reed remained in power. I have added it to the list above for you guys. It appears that many of the situations actually has six endings, three for each of the main endings (Board or Phineas). MSI is the same way and was incomplete (I have expanded the table to show the different options.) For Edgewater there is three was to deal with it (as far as I know). Direct the power to Edgewater and keep Reed as leader. Direct the power to Edgewater and convince Adelaide to become leader. Direct the power to the Botanical Labs. I do not know if you can fail to convince the workers back as well as if completing or not completing the Foundation quest effects the outcome. For MSI you can either give the targeting module to MSI or to the Iconclasts. You can also negotiate peace between the two. I will be playing a second and third time to test these things out for us.