Can I have more than one companion?
Only in the abyss
Need some help.
I'm thinking about importing the Asian Complete Edition beause I prefer physical versions. Are there any problems that occur when I want to use the import's multiplayer aspects in a PAL region? Do I need to have a Chinese/Japanese PSN account or does it work with my normal one?
You won't have a problem since the dlc is on the disc. I wanted to import it myself, but it turns out the dismemberments are removed from this version. So just bought a used copy, and the dlc in the past store.
Oh thanks for the warning, didn't know that the Asian version was censored. Oh well, I love uncut media more than I love physical media, so that's an easy decision now.
What do the the bars on a shrine reward do?
help me plz my name on ps4 is ZOTROOPER a plz help me.