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can the weapon skill score any extra damage on any bosses (aside from humanoid)? such as Darkeater Midir
yes but you need to be rly precice
I think this table is wrong. Currently +10 chaos is showing A scaling for both faith and int
I am wanting to use the Great Scythe with a Crystal infuse and basically go for a battle mage build. I am not very good with how gems hurt and help scaling yet. using my magic to punish foes from afar but be able to also fight up close. The Great Scythe has a pretty nasty sweet spot with it's range, or so I feel. Thoughts?
Secondary question. it shows that Crystal infuse is 99 (base) and 136 (magic) does would the "base" apply to physical defense, and the "magic" apply to arcane defense, or would it be 235 (damage) applied to both armor ratings stacked?
It's pretty much always better to buff weapons with crystal magic weapon or great magic weapon. Crystal would still be fine, though, I guess. At any rate split damage in DS3 doesnt work super well, as both the armor and magic resistance are applied, so the damage is reduced more than you'd expect.
With the raw infusion the bleed increase with luck stat?
you lose scaling effects with raw



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Luck increases the bleed buildup per attack of every weapon that has bleed. This also works for bleed infusions and carthus rouge. I don't recommend worrying about your bleed buildup unless you plan to make a hollow/luck character.
Every bleed or poison infused weapon or with innate bleed/poison… except those infused with a raw/deep/fire gem, cause it erases all the scalings. I think now carthus rouge and rotten resin don't scale anymore with luck (like other resins, it adds a flat damage/here build up, and that's logical and fair).



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This one is for those who want elegance. Sadly I can't afford myself that luxury so I use the Great corvian scythe.
This weapon is bugged. Actually deals strike damage of all things, despite saying it's a slash weapon. As that's the least resisted damage type in the the game, it's ugh... still only an a B-tier weapon in my book. Like it was before.
I really doubt its a bug (and its probably not doing strike damage either). Scythes do less damage when you dont hit the enemy with the blade portion of the weapon. Its been that way since DS1.
Definitely does different damage depending on how you hit. Those cages full of hollows are a very good indicator: depending on how they're hit, they either take next to no damage (so slash), or reasonable damage (standard)
This scythe scales to A with dark infusion when you reach +9
" sneeze "