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does this gift work also with spells?
Yes, it does. It doesn't trigger the cancellation either.
No it doesn't tested on a Boreal Brute near the Observatory site in Ridge of frozen souls, with flame spike and ice spike which it is resistant to ice and weak to fire, there was no change in damage
Does anyone know the duration of it?
For a dark mage build, is it better to use Dark Shout, or Merciless Reaper? The cost is the same, Shout will always increase damage, while Reaper only with enemies with high defenses, but at the same time, Reaper works for more than one spell, increases gain from Chaotic Ash, and in case of enemies with very high defenses (Virgin Born) it may yield better results . I wouldn't want to equip both of them so, which one?
Has no effect on light/dark type direct damage gifts and will not be consumed when casting them.