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Can this weapon be buffed with the carthus flame arc?
Yes it can be buffed with all buffs. It scales best with Dark I hear
On the "Max" chart, it says that the Lightning Greatsword +10 scales at C, D, A (Strength, Dex, Faith), but when you click on the "Lightning" tab at the top of the chart, it says D, D, A (Str, Dex, Faith) Which is it? And when is anyone in charge of this wiki planning on fixing any of the NUMEROUS mistakes all across this wiki?
Maybe offer to help instead of *****ing
This guy is pointing out the mistakes so they can be fixed. He is helping.
Running a quality faith build at sl123 rn and got it lighthning infused, with 30/30/38 str/dex/fth it does 748 damage 2 handed, in the arena 3 hit combo is enough, such a beast, no pve enemy is a problem for me anymore, why did I play through the whole game with +10 lothric knight ss and only discover the glorious power of ultra greatswords after beating midir :'(
I like to use this for my Mage-Knight. Give it crystal infusion at 40 strength/intelligence and you deal 400-500 damage a swing on most enemies.


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Wow my lightning infused lkss has 549ar one handed...
Visions of guts...
Sights of Casca
Visions of CLANG!
i be honest, i prefer the ds1 versaion. I know this one is guts' sword, but it looks too unrealistic and bulky in my eyes
That’s the point, it’s supposed to look like a massive hunk of metal that no one can lift
Honestly, both version is unrealistic.
Try guts
It’s perfect. A well times baseball bat swing knocks all humanoids flat on their backs and just in range for a follow up heavy attack. Save a little stamina for a quick attack and it’s one and done
Why does every other page on here try to connect something to berserk but this one?
Because this IS a Berserk reference. Also a lot of Miyazaki's works (e.g. The Souls series) draw a lot of inspiration from Berserk. For instance, the cover art for Artorias of the Abyss shows Artorias posing in extremely similar manner to Guts. Just google something like Dark Souls Berserk references, or something like that.
The other replier obviously cant read.
G R I F F I T H ! ! !