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That sucks
just imagine early game where nobody has the cure nor the souls to buy it.


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That's why you make it a late game weapon, like make them a 1 time pick-up from the poison swamp in the Profaned Capital and add high stat requirements.
profaned capital is mid game, they would have to put it at least in the grand archives or maybe thhey could get away with consumed king’s garden, but i think it would have to be. in the dlc
I believe Toxic mist is the only source of toxic the player can use to inflict it other than dung pies and stalk dung pie, still dreaming of the day we get a toxin weapon XD


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when that happen, no matter what type of weapon, im going to use it, and use poisen resin on it so it dobble stacks for OP-ness
If that happens, I wager you can't buff it.
Silver Tracer in ds1. I miss the tracers
Ah, gravelord 's greatsword... i miss our good hacker-killing times...
Known as hepatitis in real life
Hmmm... well played sir XD
Deez people need to learn how to laugh and smile and*****



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Updated values to reflect latest patch



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Updated formatting for clarity and added in some toxic sources from DLC
A lot of players seem permanently inflicted with this status ailment..
Sure it's not the Symbol of Avarice?
Or maybe its just people...
Haha, oh I made myself sad.
Nope, it’s not “just people”. It’s only moronic, pathetic people. Intelligent people don’t abuse others, especially not over the internet like a coward.
Nah, it’s not “just people”. That’s just the pathetic excuse you ****heads use in some laughable attempt to make your behaviour seem normal. It isn’t, and in real life most people would call you an ******* and avoid you like the plague. If you think that make you “cool” somehow, then you’ll most likely never learn.
Caressing Tears does not cure Toxic, this is dangerous misinformation. Please fix ASAP.
Does not cure the build up of toxic but will clear it if it is ticking on character
It does cure toxic, it just doesn’t cure the build up like the other guy said.
I wish they had a few weapons that inflicted toxic in this game, but I guess that was left out to get people to use poison weapons/infusion which is trash
Actually, the poison spore skill from Storyteller's Staff has higher buildup than toxic and also deals more damage of poison per tick than toxic.
note to the naive: unlike in other games, status effects in dark souls don't kindly stop when you're at low health. my dumb *** learnt this the hard way.