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Dude this boss is so easy. Just don't lock on to the dragon and kill it quick, then bring out a decked-out crossbow and just pelt Mr. No-Name from a safe distance. He won't stop walking towards you if you keep a good distance.
“Dude this boss is so easy just cheese instead of fighting him as intended”
Yeah, but I can’t use a crossbow.
i rolled the spear impaling so i didnt take the initial damage but it still impaled me bs lmao hardest boss in the game took me like 7 or 8 tries
I don't know why but this is the only boss in the game that I struggle to judge the depth on. I've died way too many times for thinking to go in and get that last hit only to have a sword slammed down on me seconds later because I missed.
You know I cant seem to figure out why anybody struggles with this boss accross 5 playthrough I've only died 3 times and all of them were from the God I'm the king of storms phase. The king himself is a joke. Yeah he hits hard, but his attacks are slow and easy to dodge. I think in the 5 times I've fought him he has hit me maybe twice. I was so hype for this boss because I heard how difficult he was from my friends who were souls veterans (this is my first official souls game if you dont count bloodborne) and I was excited for the challenge but it was such a disappointment. It's not even a fun fight at this point more of a speed bump. I've died more time to glitching through the ancient wyvern at this point. This whole game was pretty disappointing difficulty wise except for sister friede.
We’re not all asian kids with ninja reflexes like you.... I agree with your assessment though about sister friede. Much harder and in fact the hardest in the entire game imo.
We’re not all asian kids with ninja reflexes like you... I agree with your assessment though about sister friede, much harder fight, the hardest in the series imo.
Can I serve you a steaming plate of get over yourself
So, what if the wyvern he is riding IS Ornstein? His armor is found without a corpse, suggesting it was set aside because it wasn't needed anymore. My headcanon is something like this. In DS1 you get to see that Ornstein survived before Smough smashed him, so if instead you do the fight in the opposite and take down Smough first, its possible that Ornstein could have survived in that powered up form. He was devoted to the Firstborn, and after his defeat went searching for him again. In DS2 I believe the "ornstein" we fight here is simply a set of similar dragonslayer armor being controlled by Nashandra, hence the dark based attacks. It could possibly be a version of him corrupted by the abyss during his search for Faraam, after having heard of the lion-knights who worship him; however I don't see how he would survive us here if it were actually him. By the time DS3 rolls around, he has found Faraam who has sacrificed everything to ally himself with the dragons. Ornstein, in his quest of returning to serve him, begins to follow the Path of the Dragon to atone. The miracle lightning storm says that Faraam tamed a Stormdrake and led it in a "lifetime" of battles, forming a bond. It is possible that the Stormdrake was killed eventually in one of these battles, and that Faraam kept his soul as the gods are want to do. We've seen how powerful souls can physically transform characters, so what if Faraam blessed Ornstein with the soul of the Stormdrake, turning him into the "King of Storms".
The Ornstein you fight in Anor Londo is just an allusion. If you read the description of Smough, this becomes clear. As for DS3, I would have loved to fight the real Ornstein and as soon as you defeat Onstein, the Namless king flies down. This would essentially make it a three phase fight-- F****** amazing. I think , the reason why they didn't do it was because they had already used Ornstein over and over and over again. Frankly, I would have loved to fight the real Ornstein. They could have given him a new and faster moveset. I mean, he was the freaking captain; and they could have explaind it like his moves were so great that even Gwyndolin could not duplicate them. oh anyway- a missed opportunity I suppose.
what if ur mom is actually Patches step daughter
Defeated him on 2nd try wtf?!
We have found a wild *
We have found a wild *
By far the hardest non dlc boss and just an amazing experience all around. What makes the second half of this fight so hard is the odd and varied timing of his attacks. Threw my rolls off and led to my death more times then I care to mention. After about 20 tries I got his attack pattern down and was able to kill solo with melee build. Insanely intense fight!
Much weaker to dark than fire.
Be wary of tough enemy
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