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Is it me or is flame fan just awful?
On the sword hollows outside of the firelink shrine I tested it against an Onyx Blade +5 with Witches ring a Swamp ring, and a sages ring

Pyro Flame +10 did 301 damage

Onyx Blade +5 UNBUFFED did 404 damage

Onyx Blade +5 BUFFED did 519 Damage

Why am I expected to use an attunement slot, a Witches ring, a Swamp ring, a Sages ring, and 9 FP per swing when I can use Onyx for more damage, more ringslots, about equal range and stamina cost, a better moveset, and the same swing speed? This issue is shared throughout most other Sorceries/Pyromancies/Miracles/"Hexes" and It's really disheartening because of how much I love magic in the Souls series.

Its just awful. At least Farron Flashsword is faster and has an actual moveset. Am I missing something? I know Pyro's Parting flame does more (with contact) and I'm too lazy to test it but that involves almost halving the range on the attack.
The second hit deal increased damage (the first one act as a kick)
Extra damage from parting flame seems to not work with Flame Fan.
feels like the hitbox is shorter than the visual
To bear her the fastest way is to seal her magic with the miracle "vow of silence". At which she will continue to try to use her spells while you can close in and deal damage. Fall dmg has no affect and the poison swamp has no affect on her. The angel, if not killed, may deal damage to all parties involved but runs high risk. Thus it's best to jjust kill the angle and then seal her spells with "vow of silence"
Credit goes to Grand Sheba for testing.
I just used toxic mist
still her whip does tremendous damage
She died when she fell from the cliff lmao
“Her beauty did not poison...” I’m guessing this means her beauty didn’t drive people into a murderous frenzy to get her attention and that she was the ugly duckling of the sect.
This does NOT reflect bolts. Have not tested with arrows, but wouldn't make sense to reflect one and not the other. Can anyone confirm this?
For me she spammed this and fire orb and it was *****ing annoying