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Which gun does she use?


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Hunter's Pistol.


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Had a glitch where she wouldn't move at all, despite opening all 3 doors. Is because I lit the Tomb of Oedon lamp before I opened Amelia's gate?


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What kind of accent does she speak with? I know it's a Victorian one but it sounds a lot heavier than other NPCs, which is why she pronounces "hunter" as "hoonter".
I’m no expert, but she sounds to me more Northern English. I heard a few people talk like that when I visited York. They said the word ‘look’ like I would say the name ‘Luke’, just like Eileen’s signature ‘hoonter’ vs. ‘hunter’. I’m sure an actual English person could pinpoint it better than I.
Yep. English fella here. She's from up north!
She has a Yorkshire accent
***** this obnoxious questing structure. I killed the *****ing spider before I even know she exists and now I'm locked out of the weapon. Seriously? Do these guys assume everyone use the wiki vigorously???
Sounds like someone needs to explore the areas a little better...
You’re not locked out of the weapon. Go to the grand cathedral and she’ll be there. She’ll attack you, so kill her and get the badge to buy the weapon