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Is there any actually good boss weapon in this game, for those who like to play with heavy tank characters using ultra greatswords in 2 hands? I'm researching here, and all boss greatswords look like*****.
As far as I know there aren't any ultra greatswords boss weapons only Artorias/Abyss swords and Gwyn's sword (but these are only greatswords). The Abyss swords have cool moveset but don't deal a lot of damage you would expect from a greatsword, I haven't used Great Lord Greatsword (Gwyn's sword) yet, but from what I can tell from this wiki it does decent damage if you max it out.
No good greatswords but I like smoughs kammer
How much DEX do I need to use the gargoyle tail axe?
14 strength and 14 dexterity
How powerful is the Abyss Greatsword



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pretty janky and you need 10 humanity if you wanna do max damage
Why is there bread growing out of my Xbox and how do I fix it?
The only way is to water it regularly till it’s large enough to harvest, hope that helps
Bake at 325° for 30 minutes or until you’re completely toasted
Add rice it will be 10/11
Can i still do this without Andre?
you can't do it with Andre in the first place, only with the giant blacksmith in Anor londo.
Yes. There are several smiths in the game. New londo(magic dude near the cliff), catacombs (big skeleton, fire and chaos ), giant in anor londo (boss souls and lightinong)
You still need to get the weapons to +10 and Andre is the only one who can do that(provided you have the large ember
if you have a plus 10 weapon already then yes you can do it without andre
Anyone know why I can’t make some of the boss weapons I have the souls the weapon is 10+ but it tells me insufficient materials
make sure yo have 5000 souls as well
You need the +10 weapon, the boss soul, and 5000 souls
Do not upgraded boss weapons count as +5 (since they are unique weapons), or as +10 (since you need +10 weapon to make one)? For example if someone dropped me a boss weapon while I'm still at +5 weapon matchmaking would I still be considered +5? This is purely speculative... Keh heh heh heh heh.
I was wondering why I am getting down votes, but now I know. I completely messed up that quote. It should be "Keh heh heh heh...".
I killed Andre in undead parish by accident there really no other way to get one of the base weapons to 10+ now? ......I have black knight sword and halberd to fall back on ..but I don't want to restart this play through cause I have had very good luck on drops so far ....but now can't get them passed 5+ ?
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