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this mother*****er... i have died to him so many *****ing times and i still have not defeated him. the *****ing toxic and the fact the authority jumps down before you can properly kill the rats, and not to mention its hitbox is more broken than smelter demon
Try to get a weapon with horizontal attacks to be able to get more rats in one swing, then it's GG
This boss is zero threat to sorcerers. The above strategies make it FAR too complicated. Do this: equip Perseverance, two Lingering Flame, Fire Orb, and any Soul Arrow beyond basic. Cast Perseverance, then enter the fog. Cast 2 Lingering Flame, stand behind them, then aggro the small rats. They’ll approach and detonate the Flames, and can’t touch you because of Perseverance. Then, when the big one jumps down, dodge his attack and get far enough away to cast Lingering again. He’ll chase you and detonate it, and it’ll take off about 1/6 of his life. Keep casting Lingering Flame and lure him into it and he’ll wind up killing himself. He shouldn’t even touch you. If you run out of Lingering Flame then lon some Fire Orbs at him. He’ll be dead before Perseverance wears off.
That's not a sorcerer strategy though. You're using pyromancies and a miracle.
Are you stupid? Pyromancies scale with intelligence and faith so just intelligence is enough. He also used soul arrow too.
This place is perfect for farming Pharros Lockstones. Kill the rats with a bow and arrows. If you have high dexterity you can kill them in one shoot. After you kill the little rats beware the authority. Run to collect everything, quit the game and reload. You will appear outside the fog door. Use all equipment for farming and you can get 1-3 Pharros Lockstones each round. Also is perfect for farming Rat Tails.
My strategy consisted of running into the rats, casting Heavenly Thunder and praying the Sun to get them all in one go. After that, it took a good couple tries to get the dodge patterns down, but after that it was a matter of staying near the front legs, bait the double swipe, dodge out, and either spam miracles at it (6 Spears and the remaining Thunder took it down to about half health at 35 Fth, probably better results with 16 fireballs) or attack once mid double swipe. Long wind ups, but mechanics are very reliant on i-frames so ADP is probably the make-or-break stat in this fight.
Eh, is the boss a rat or a dog?
Well, it states its moveset is similar to Sif, so...yeah. A really disgusting dog.
I got an Old Radiant Gem as a drop, IDK if the rats or boss dropped it though
Easiest way i found Upgrade a little a normal scythe, equip it 2 handed, adjust your spacing when advancing in the begging so you get in the middle of the 4 small rats. Your strong attack while 2-handed is a spinning move, and with some str you can kill all small rats in a single move, before the big boss comes down. Then i had some quality time alone with the big boss, without being bothered by the fear of getting "toxic" status. Changed weapon to a rapier, and tried to walk/roll under him. This way he had to expend time repositioning himself instead of jumping on me. Dodged his left pawn sweep, attack, repeat. Didn't use lock-on so i could walk faster. He dies really fast, but can also kill you really no need to overextend trying to attack in small doubt, don't attack and wait for the next opportunity.