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so funny story. i killed the thing and my game crashed. i was mad but went back in there! but the arm knock me in... to the root to the bug. i beat it and my game didn't crash. best way to do that boss. and thank you bed of chaos :)
Wow 1 extra hp in ng+
Truly, Bed of Chaos can go and fffffffffffffuuuuvk itself
It isn't thaaat bad tbh
I’d like a vid of this, jus sayin. This ones tough for me so far.
Go right first, break the orb, quit out. Go left second, as you can hug the wall and the floor has a path all the way to the second orb with a single jump for it at the end. Quit out. Then go left to the further-forward pillar and wait: you’ll see you’re in the right place if you’re never hit by the fire scythes. From there, run forward and back to reveal where the flor falls out. Once you know where your safe area is and where the floor ends, you’re set
This says the body Ceaseless Discharge guards is a Daughter of Chaos, but in fact it's not. It's what used to Quelana fake her death, so she could escape Chaos. Ceaseless thinks it's her but it's not. It's either some random Hollow or not a body at all, just a fake.
Is there anything in the game that hints to that the body is not one of the daughters?
Yeah a random fake prop hollow corpse in hell for no reason at all. You forgot to mention how that body was placed there by Griffith from Bezerk.
Someone's been watching some vaati I see
Fell through a hole in the floor and my bloodstain wasn't there the next time. Good bye souls and humanity I guess.
Worst DS. 2 & 3 way better. every 2nd level in this one sucks. Boring combat too.
What tunnel are you talking about?! I jumped on the root and the "tunnel" just leads down to the bottomless pit of death. XD I take it I'm going up, not down?
The bed of chaos isn't breaking the floor that leads to the tunnel... What should i do? I can't just restart the boss fight...
I wonder how the hell did I beat this garbage with only 2 attempts? I was two handing a havel shield too.
It took me only one try....I was lucky. I only got hit once.
I find puzzle bosses in rpg’s to be a complete “***** you” to the players. You just spent the first half of the game leveling this character to be god-slaying, dragon killing juggernaut? Yeah ***** that, have fun with this.
never played a fromsoft game have you aye mate?
No obviously not why else would he be on the dark souls wiki, a game made by fromsoft, going on about how*****ty this mid-game boss is.