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I want to kill Vendrick is it worth fighting this Dragon for the last Soul?
i guess not. but you will have to kill vendrick either way so why do it other way around. you are not gonna get any stronger just after beating vendrick so its just better to deal with dragon first
anon sept 16, OP was talking about getting the last soul to make Vendrick's fight easier.
It's not worth it he will take you along time to defeat. And you don't need all of the souls of giants to lower Vendrick's defense enough to be able to kill him. So yeah no.
+5 Drangelic armour, +5 dragon tooth, ring of blades, third dragon ring, +1 chloranthy ring and steel ring of protection. Bundle that with some gold pine resin and it only took my 5 attempts. I was hitting for around 680-760 damage pet hit.
The big toe method is a godsend, his fire AOE gave me so much trouble. Thank you guys <3
Big toe method works perfectly. Doesn't work so well if you have a summon though. When he lifts his foot, just walk to the other foot. If by some chance he flies into the air to do the fire breath, run straight back towards his tail and you'll avoid it completely.
gower's ring of protection doesnt do jack***** ***** this*****ty website
Stomp attack does dmg AFTER animation is completed. XD


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This boss fight, to most, may be boring, but I daresay this was exhilarating. Why? Lemme explain. When I first played this game on PS3, I was afraid to go up against this boss; playing it on XBox One S, I finally said “Enough is enough” and took this boss on like a man. During the fight, I almost got 1-shotted at least 5 times, but I survived and, with a Gyrm Axe +10, Lightning Resin and blind luck on my side, I beat the boss on my first try. Also had the Chloranthy Ring +1 and some other health items for good measure.
“Why?” Who tf asked lmao
Man, the bottom half of this page is a total*****show
simplest and easiest strategy : stand in from of him in a medium distance this baits out his fire breath, the momment you see he is about to do it right to his right leg deal some damage, after a few hits run away in a great disatance he finshed with his AOE ground attack stand infront of him again! rince and repeat
This worked for me. I equipped light gear with fire defense, put a kite shield on my back and two handed the dragon. You need to have low equipe weight to get away from AoE
Easiest and most boring boss I've ever witnessed all I had to do was hitting him and it was dead. Why do you clueless players have no skill to fight him at first try??? So mad because bad lol



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Idk why there's all these downvotes, this commenter is correct. Bunch of people can't learn and adapt to different bosses and the game in general... So it's the game's fault, it's a terrible boss, it's Fromsoft's fault. While the Ancient Dragon isn't a great or even good boss design, he's not THAT HARD!! It's YOUR fault you can't learn the tells, and patterns, and learn to predict and anticipate. Play without using lock on...
Still fun. Giant dragons are always fun.
I beat him and it's annoying enough. It's not easy to deal with this tediousness.
I agree that he is very easy, idk why this page has a million strategies to beat him. Nashandra is harder than this tedious boss. Hit run away repeat. This boss is unusually slow when does one of his 3 attacks. If you stand in front of him he no joke stares at you for nearly 5-10 seconds, theres no mystic way to beat him, so dont mess with fire defense or anything wierd like that, just hit runaway. There's nothing more to it. Don't lock on.
so basically because you found it easy means other can't find it hard? Sounds like someone needs to go back to school to learn what an "opinion" is.