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I want to kill Vendrick is it worth fighting this Dragon for the last Soul?
i guess not. but you will have to kill vendrick either way so why do it other way around. you are not gonna get any stronger just after beating vendrick so its just better to deal with dragon first
+5 Drangelic armour, +5 dragon tooth, ring of blades, third dragon ring, +1 chloranthy ring and steel ring of protection. Bundle that with some gold pine resin and it only took my 5 attempts. I was hitting for around 680-760 damage pet hit.
The big toe method is a godsend, his fire AOE gave me so much trouble. Thank you guys <3
Big toe method works perfectly. Doesn't work so well if you have a summon though. When he lifts his foot, just walk to the other foot. If by some chance he flies into the air to do the fire breath, run straight back towards his tail and you'll avoid it completely.
gower's ring of protection doesnt do jack***** ***** this*****ty website
Stomp attack does dmg AFTER animation is completed. XD
This boss fight, to most, may be boring, but I daresay this was exhilarating. Why? Lemme explain. When I first played this game on PS3, I was afraid to go up against this boss; playing it on XBox One S, I finally said “Enough is enough” and took this boss on like a man. During the fight, I almost got 1-shotted at least 5 times, but I survived and, with a Gyrm Axe +10, Lightning Resin and blind luck on my side, I beat the boss on my first try. Also had the Chloranthy Ring +1 and some other health items for good measure.