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It's in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
And in heides tower of flame
And in heides tower of flame
That's actually a shard, not the bone dust.
"They say these are the remains of a saint who cast himself into the bonfire."

Possible reference to one of DS endings ?
could be. or maybe it was a really buffed up undead that killed 4 great ones or something. or maybe just a regular saint that got affected by the curse. doesnt really matter all to much, and how would gwynn/chosen undead's remain have that power anyway?
It's actually a reference to what would become the Lords of Cinder in Dark Souls 3
perhaps it was paladin leroy.
Could possibly be a reference to the Chosen Undead, though it might also be referring to Gwyn.
Wait for it... you can get a max of 5 of these boneshards... and there are 5 LoC in DS3
What are you saying man. Tell me were i went insane when i saw the comment and now i dont know haha
Is it just me or does the healing process goes really slow once you get one of these my estus is currently +4 and I can only use it 6 times