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Worst healing miracle. 2 attunement slots and 70 FP required for only 590 HP. Normal heal is in every way better than this.
It's fantastic for spear of the church covenant members. Be the boss!



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They have completely different applications, you're not supposed to compare them
I'm sorry Sirris, but... :v
dunno what you say, i managed to do both questlnes on the same run
"Implicating"... implying?
So, bountiful sunlight actually isn't useless at all. I see comparisons being made to heal/etc. This is a false comparison, bountiful sunlight is a regen spell. Yes, heals are more cost effective, but that's besides the point, it's a regen spell that'll give you hp back as you fight whether pve or pvp. It's like saying "why use sunlight spear? Just use lightning arrow.", because they're different and have different applications. Bountiful sunlight is usrful in co-op, for giving everyone and yourself really fast regen. You can also use it as a passive regen (while the team is idle or progressing, regen in the interim and heals in battle). It saves everyone estus.
Superb for bosses in coop. Just cast in outside the fog gate so everyone gets it, and step in!
I never really found a good reason to use duel charms until I ran into regen stackers at the church. Basically, everybody thinks thier a god boss until they get duel charmed and vow of silenced. Fun to watch people who put all their effort until their build but virtually no effort put into actually being good at pvp.
U mad because fighting a lone player with unembered health and a moderate boost to absorption, poise, stamina and FP is too hard for you and your password summoned overleveled phantoms? It’s almost like the game gives the church defender extra Ashen Estus flasks for a reason.
Spear fragment + great heal is the best
Until their build? wut? Nice English. lol.
This comment exudes salt
...duel charms don't work against regeneration.
Rosaria, please heal my wounds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
damn she take her time sucking it... can’t even get done when you need it
I seriously don't understand why they had to nerf the healing of Regen spells when used with the Lingering Dragon Crest ring. Would it seriously have been overpowered in PvE or PvP? I mean look at stuff like Darkmoon blade giving an extra 230 AR. That's huge and pretty impactful in both pve and pvp and the lingering dragoncrest ring works just fine on it.
For anyone wondering why Regen spells suck compared to actual healing spells, it's because FS doesn't want to encourage passive play. This is why the HP value per FP point decreases with each iteration. The basic regen spell, Replenishment, heals 295HP at 5 HP/sec, which gives 9.83 HP per point of FP. Bountiful Light, the next tier, heals 420HP at 7 HP/sec, which equates to 9.33. And finally, Bountiful Sunlight heals 600HP at 10 HP/sec, which further decreases to 8.57. With each 'upgrade', you consistently get less HP for the total value your FP should net. If it were 1-1 and the upgrade was the HP regen per second, the total heals should be 300/450/700 respectively. Not only that, FS has intentionally rigged Lingering Dragoncrest to extend the regen duration but keep the heal amount the same. Again this is them saying they don't want to encourage passive play. At the very least, you can equip the ring to extend weapon buff from spells and use the extended duration to ensure you get regen, because regen is wasted when your HP is full.

FS has made a point that passives are supplementary in builds. This is why none of the rings are that game-breaking, and you can viably play without them. Instead, FS rewards active actions, such as direct heals. The 4 heal spells restore HP by percentage, and the amount of heal increases with each tier. Assuming 100 spellbuff, you gain 5.6/6.7/7.5/8.5 HP per point of FP, and from there, they scale up the higher your FTH. At 200 spellbuff, all those number double. Projected heal isn't as good, but it definitely has its uses.
Conclusion; FS loves active play, and allows passive play too, but doesn't encourage the latter by making regen spells weaker with each tier. More evidence to this is that they nerfed shields for DS3, and added weapon arts to break guards. Magic Shield is only average and lasts 60 seconds, while Great Magic Shield is OP but only lasts half that. They don't want you to turtle & kite enemies forever, whether mob, bosses, or other players. Consequently they made rolling much easier, which is a reflection of bosses being more aggressive and having attacks that close the distance.