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i cant wait to get ds2 altho im sad that they have put artorias's sword in the wrong hand i might still use it
You're wrong boi Sir artorias has left hand dominant and before manus breaks his left arm hi was holding greatsword on left hand
does anyone think besides me that he could be a Ambidextrous person or also known as a person that can use both his left or right hand?
edit: artorias could be Ambidextrous I mean
Artorias had to basically make himself ambidextrous in order to use his sword once his left arm was mauled and broken
I think that Artorias might be both handed what if he was duel wielding weapons during his fight with manus and his left handed weapon was knocked into the abyss and remember the Chasm of the abyss and it could possibly travel forever and when someone found it they used it for generations which is led to us finding it in dark souls 2 because the only other person we ever see in dark souls 1 to use two weapons at the same time is Ciaran.
Artorias had a greatshield which was in dark souls 1 and 3. He gave it to sif in order to protect her (and he couldnt use it cuz arm broke)
Should I, hah hah hah, fume ultra in right hand majestic great sword in the left, now my good invader can I kindly ask you to... DIIIEEEEEEEE
Stat requirements for powerstance line up very well with Ruler's Sword. The L2 can be used as a parry counter, it can be parried itself but since its startup is so long they will whiff it if they're trying to read you and eat the full thing. Then you can switch out of powerstance and do the normal L2 on their wakeup to catch the roll if you time it right.
Nah m8 min req 2 powerstance and raw moonlight gs as the right