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I think the lore description is too harsh on Vendrick, it better describes Nashandra anyway. DS3 kind of*****s on DS2's lore just in general which I think is a shame. For all the game's nitpicks I like 2's lore more than 3
That was a reference to Vendrick's own words. Whenever you use the Ashen Heart with the DLCs or SOTFS on Vendrick's armor, you can talk to him while he's still lucid in the crypt, and comments he hates himself for being fooled and used by Nashandra, then he says "[he] is no king, [he] is more fit to be a jester"
It's pretty widely said that vendrick wasn't a real monarch because he never made the hard choices gwyn or the chosen undead did
Gwyn wasn't a monarch or a god ether. He was given his power by something else. Not very god like. And he was a complete utter douch bag of a leader to. Build anar londo. Treated humans like***** cause he was scared of the pygmys children. He even had to make a deal, like Trump, with the leadership of the pygmies to get them to go away because gywn had to remain looking heroic and they were making him look bad. Everything the history says he and his knights did, was actually the humans. The ring knight armor says so. Gwyn talked the Witch of izzalith into trying to make a new flame because he didn't want to. He was to busy banishing humans and whoring his useless daughter out to them. Then the demons came and he even failed at that. So, in an effort to preserve his age of fire, he went to rekindle the flame, not for anyone else, just for him, to stay top dog, and it backfired, turned him hollow, and then all the gods left anar londo because of it. Gwyn got what he deserved, heck, all the lord souls are treated like crap for eternity because of it. Mistreated, abused, over and over. And they all had it coming. When the fire starts to go out, they get picked up again, wrung out like a old rag, and then set on fire. His precious age of fire destroyed time and the world. ***** gwyn and his **** sucking followers in the playerbase and the game world.
When you want extra souls but still want a parry Farron Greatsword
How the hell was Vendrick consumed by thirst?
they mean greed/lust
he was thirstin for nashandara
I would say that the Shield belongs to High Lord Wolnir of Carthus. 1st - He was a king, since he wore a crown (as is seen in the boss fight, as well as in the goblet) 2nd - The thirst is for souls. In the description of his soul, it says that he took many peoples lives in order to live longer. This also matches the power that the shield has of absorbing more souls. 3rd - Lord Wolnir Tome says that the Lord succumbed to the Abyss, becoming the grave warden. This matches the description of him being king no more.
This is literally Vendrick's shield from DSII
It amazes me how bad some other people's head canon is
it has the same visuals as king's shield from ds2 which is made from vendrick's soul. also whole ds2 was about going to other kingdoms and getting their crowns to become a "true monarch" as vendrick puts it
the shield literally has the banner of drangleic on it you *
*? Whos a *****ing *? Maybe they, like me, didn't bother playing dark souls 2 because it had nothing to do with the rest of the damn game and was a side track? Dark souls 1 and 3 have continuity at least. Dark souls 2 has very few anythings in dark souls 3, most of it was the crack in the ceiling in profained capital, and even that was debunked since everything has been uprooted, moved buried, stacked, all over the place due to time warping the world. Sides Dark souls 2 was horrible from what I hear.
if we equip 2 shields in both hands does it count 40% ?
Yes it will. Just like 2 Crystal Sage Rapists will give you double item discovery. But you either have to fight with both, which sucks, or time it well. Unless its a boss, obviously.
Of course it would autocorrect to Rapists. Sigh. Rapiers*
Big oof there, friend. But yeah, wielding two of these is silly unless you're doing something like a shield bash-only challenge run or something along those lines.
2 Crystal Sage Rapists will definitely increase the item discovery ;)
This is my favourite shield in the game. It has never failed me. I only parry on Champion Gundyr and never in pvp, so this is great.