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shes a DPS check, at 30% go all in, interrupt her heal, playing too careful is no good in this fight, will drag out the fight way too long. its not BS, its a DPS check, get gud.


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managed to slaughter this boss at level 24 on another character, considering she's actually pretty easy. if uh, anyone's having any issues with her, add me: sxrrealism.
Didn't see the guide, and hoooo boy did I yell when she started to heal. I had her down to about 10% before she got a heal in, too...
Went straight from father gascione, level 20, saw cleaver +2, and fire paper. Took 2 tries.
Bowblade in NG+... so many bosses are basically hard-countered by it... sheesh.
This boss is even easier with flamethrower than blood starved beast. Make sure to have full 20 bullets and +5 pre-fight to avoid running out of ammo during heal and just burn her down
Easier than witch of hemwick
What brand of hair conditioner does she use?
Even in beast-form, she appears to be kneeling and praying (or making sounds that sound like attempts to speak?) in front of the altar before you re-enter the room, which I thought was pretty neat. Figured this by bold hunter's marking my way out after initiating the fight (in hunt for Gehrman's dialogue).
She used attacks that weren’t in the list on me, killed me twice.