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"Important: Some users report that advancing quests without joining Parvati at the bar may result in her going by herself and dying. Take her as soon as you get this quest!" Confirmed. Any fixes/workarounds? Cheers.
It just happened to me!
I can confirm that I experienced this bug. However it was on a playthrough on normal difficulty, companions can permanently die.
lol more like sapphic wine
bah...and we cannot romance?
Think I stuffed this one up this time round, back at the ship When talking to her, and she mentions a poem , I used the speech response , " this crew needs you " instead of using , " sounds like she likes you " and now I dont think, I'll get her personnel quest, which quite early can send you flippin broke ,( if done early arriving at ground breaker) her date item can total 5k in bits , and the quest rewards is ton exp + 2.4k
Whoops above info done by - Jade Rivers
I've been reading on other sites that you have to have her drink wine to get the best ending for her so it can be wine or whisky?