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I blessed her with one character then escaped and then went back and talked to her with a different character and she says ' look at me healthy as the day I was born the Divine is truly dead' so yeah you can heal her and talk to her
if you attack her without trying to heal her then you'll get the 3 necro spellbooks as loot
I just got 4 necro books.. any Idea why? Not that I'm complaining.
I healed her then she asked for a gift from me when i came back to make amends. i heal her and she demands a gift in return? What a greedy crazy ****!
I killed her but i didnt get any of the books as loot... should i let her live?
I think it's random, like the old school Neverwinter Nights boxes with magical loot. I healed her, pulled 3 Necro books, a bunch of armor I'd just sold her, and a handful (10s, not the 100s she was holding) coin.
Alright ... I put at least on hour in this to see if there is really no way to heal Mona without making her angry or mad. Aaand ... there is no way but there is more to see ... even if its not much. But still interesting: 1. I tried to heal her ... she was mad as described 2. she attacked me 3. I ran away so I could talk to her again. 4. That did not worked as expected, she attacked me again (whyever) 6. I killed my whole party and just ran away with my main char and tried that again 7. Now I were able to talk to her again 8. She asked for a gift 9. I gave her something worth about 93 gold 10. She was mad again and attacked me again 11. I started again from point 6. 12. Now i gave her evrything I had which was a little bit more than 8500 Gold 13. NOW the interesting part: She wasnt mad at me anymore and sayd: "Look at me. Healthy as the day I was born. The divine is well and truly dead. I was almost free of this hell. Almost ..." Sooo ... the conclusion is: She will never be happy again :( But the good thing is ... I can kill her without feeling too bad to get all my gold back.
You skipped number 5.. lol
If you get a character to heal her of "Disease" condition, then anyone else who comes to talk to her, she will give that "Look at me. Healthy as the day I was born. The divine is well and truly dead. I was almost free of this hell. Almost..." It's only that the character who healed her, will no longer be able to talk to her.
Lol, cool game..so much "uniqueness"
She wants to die based off what happen when I blessed her. So I gave it to her and she gave me a big reward all necromancy books she carried for free.
Based off her dialog her daughter died and she was trying to die on purpose, hope this helps people feel less quilt about wanting to be a necromancer and cast spells... ironic.
"Where is Mona? She's long gone..."
Learned the bless spell, got an idea, went to save her from disease, cured her but she attacked me and I ended up killing her. Happiness didn't even last a second.
So apparently if you resurrect someone in her immediate vicinity she suddenly attacks you.