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The best way to describe this ring: Penny wise, pound foolish.
Does it also work with sorceries. I just remembered about this ring and went to get it, and me and my friend are doing a mage bros. run and if this does increase sorceries then it'll be really helpful


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unequip all armor and throw a spell out. equip flynns and cast the same spell again. now compare the numbers = you’re a bit more wise now:) tl;dr no
Dragon form + This ring = Bae
Have like 60.5 load out with rapier is 2-3 hit dlc mobs I used leather chest and legs and jester gloves and chloranty and ring of protection +1 and flynns ring and 4th any and I get +120 something dmg rapier+10 it's very good new dlc came out yesterday btw. ItS called easymode i released it its free
wait, what?
I swear people are just trolling this was a feverdream trying to read let alone understand, why is the Ds3 community so misinformed?
I may be a thot but Kirk Fanclub armor Aquamarine Dagger, Shield of Want, and Crystal Chime
Plus Flynn's Ring obviously
Too heavy
Used to be my #1 ring in DS2 DLC and NG+. Worthless for me in DS3. I can do low weight build but it is counterproductive considering higher and more useful bonuses from other rings, heavier weapons and shields.
How effective is this for Divine Pillars, Emit Force and Wrath of the Gods? Obviously at 60 fth with the Talisman/Canvas Talisman.
affects physical spells like wrath of the gods and bolder heave
Soooo am I missing something or is this ring completely fu*king useless? Lol
Not at all. I’m using with Lloyd’s sword ring and a strength and dex rings while being full dragon. One shot so many people
It's good on a thief build you must wear light armor it works wonders on daggers and fist wpns but other than that IMO not worth it any other wpn won't need it at all.