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Cheese bombs does NOT work in remastered.
It took 19 regular bombs, but they most certainly DO work in remastered.
YOUR MOM don't work in remastered
Oh yes they do.
I just killed him this way, you must throw firebombs with nice lobs over the wall.
Aim with the bow before every throw.
Take your zwei and one shot the annoying dogs then just plunging cheese that actual boss
heavy attack is enough to stagger just r1 for the dogs and r2 for the boss
F-this B.S.!!!!!
Idk what SL people are to just stroll in with Zweihanders (25 STR guys), but for me it was pain. But once you dont die immediately and get rid of the dogs, plunging attack is the most reliable move in the game.


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you can two hand the Zweihandler at 16Str and one hand it at 24Str.
A Bandit only needs two levels in str to use it with two hands.
A Bass Cannon has the same requirements but its a boss weapon you get after using the Soul of the Father and a Chaos Zweihandler+5.
I really don’t like this boss. The tree of cuckoldry that *****s the camera and the dogs are the real challenge. This boss fight is determined in the first 2 seconds. There’s a small window to escape near the left and a smaller one to the right. However, if Capra doesn’t do the lunge attack straight away, you will be stunlocked by the dogs, and you will die. Have fun with that. Once the dogs are gone, he’s very easy. Delay your rolls and keep an eye on his side slash. It’s one or 2. You can cheese him with plunging attack as well.
i'm having my first go at Dark Souls and i tell you: for someone who's played Bloodborn before (like me) this boss is a cakewalk. stick close to him, sniff his butt and raise your shield only when he winds up to keep your stamina. get the dragon tail sword and neither him or his doggos are gonna be any trouble to you.
How does your experience with Bloodborn(e) lead you to rely on a shield-based strategy?
This is one of the worst bosses to fight up close
dumbest boss ever
Hey! You can't say that just because it's true!
Would love to actually fight the boss, but I can't even get through the *****ing gate without getting cornered and flattened immediately. Plus the 5 minutes run back every time. ***** this boss encounter. No clue how I beat it originally before getting experience in the other souls games...
thats dark souls m8
The plunging attack was not easy. Running up the stairs helped to kill the dogs, but when at the top you can't see*****, so your plunging attack often misses, and the demon keeps walking up the stairs. I finally beat this when I gave up trying to cheese, and just dodged or blocked the attacks.
Gonna be real the guide didn't help for*****, doesn't explain how to get past all the enemies leading up to the capra demon and the cheesing stuff doesn't work as good as he makes it to be.
I personally just had lvl 30 and a Black knight sword. Just blocked the initial hit, killed one of the dogs, took a decent chunk of damage still cause I'm bad, somehow ran to the next dog and killed it, ran up the stairs and jumped down to get time to heal, two-handed my sword and beat thr***** out of him. Took only 2 tries after I figured out how to kill the dog without dying to the big guy.
Spam roll till you are up the stairs ,otherwise apply lube
I've realized that the route of Firelink ----> Sewer ----> The tower with the undead archer in lower undead burg (right outside the door to Depths) is an easier, much more forgiving path than the others I know about.