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I found drifter's mask on earth after comming back to roam a little.. Before the tree fight, I don't know what triggers it showing up though
Full set looks very rugged. So far its the best looking to me and it can take a beating pretty well. The perk enables you to use less stamina for rolling and running but also brings you to medium weight on your character which will not allow your chat ter to roll as far. Keep this in mind.
Use the ring that lowers your gear weight and stamina consumption


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i have done 3 playthrough's and the head it's nowhere.i have the same problem with the elder's set and the twisted set.i rerolled the campaign countless times to make them spawn as event and nothing.what the f**** with the low chance in this game?any idea any1?
The armor set now also gives 50% bonus movement speed, though I am not sure if it is bugged or not as I mostly stick with light armor as I have not noticed any difference in mobility when equipping it.
I believe it's a 50% bonus to movement speed while aiming.