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The most chad weapon in the entire game
Giga Chad
It's time to go sicko mode on these host of embers with these
lots of stamina plus this weapons weapon art equals infinite stunlock until death
no it doesnt


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Oh yeah he's right! You're right bruh. ***** I first fought against this weapons and he's ABSOLUTELY right. Bam bam bam, can't even roll away or something. No chance. (I'm not the best pvp player but mostly I win. But he must be over my level, with this I'm on level 80 now and he was a pvp build. I have a pve hybrid allround build, but I know - he was the better one, even on same level. Spacing was great, could only land 2 hits and this his combo absolutely destroy me..
Alguém pode me dropar essas armas estou no sl 30.
Alguém pode me dropar essas blz de arma estou no sl 30 ng+.
Soy una delphin en mi pantaloones
It says the Winged Knight drop chance is uncommon, but I get this thing every other kill.
L1 combo is pretty short range and vertical based, the WA is where these shine
They appear to have followed an all or nothing approach with this weapon. Weapon art is broken straight sword damage tier and the L1s are God tier. I’m fine with this
By broken straight sword did you mean like Lothric Knight? Like straight sword thats so good its broken? Because thats what Spin2win feels like to me
Why does it say "Technique" instead of "Skill" like the rest of the weapons?
Because you use the technique of a fidget spinner and equal the damage
WA s hyper armour is on after 1 second, just when the spin 2 win starts
Yep. Quite slow, but the good thing is you can bait swinging from a distance with first l1