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With the demon bell, a mibu balloon and both loot skill in senpou tree I got 2-4 mercury per balloon from doing runs in the Outskirts wall - stairway. Kill the dude in the tower, then the one below and then the one at the gate, climb to the roof and rest. 4-5 runs per balloon
Farmed for over 2 hours behind Gun Fort with Demon Bell/Possession Balloon and 0x Fulminated Mercury dropped. Possibly doesn't drop from those mobs as of patch 1.03?
I've gotten it to drop twice so far as of patch 1.03. it is a very rare drop
restart you game if they don't drop
Can confirm that with patch 1.0.4 the Cannoneers still drop fulminated mercury, got 1 item from killing the one next to gun fort idol. Had demon bell activated
Should there not be another one tucked away on a ledge near the graveyard in Mibu Village? I think that’s the first one I got
After farming the gunmen by the gunfort idol for 2 hours and 15+ runs I'm pretty sure I can confirm they DO NOT drop without demon bell active. If anyone has had them drop without it and can confirm that it would be greatly appreciated.
I tried farming the gunners at outskirts wall idol for XP and money. I got 1 fulminated mercury drop after like 2 hours without demon bell active.
I farmed for 10 minutes and ended up with 5 fulminated mercury. No demon bell or balloons used.
I was in NG++ (patch 1.04) and did the shura ending so I didn't had access to the "ashina on fire" where most of it is. I had the skill "most virtuous deeds" and the ball active and farmed the guys on gun fort but they never droped it. I activated the bell demon and they started to drop it. So I guess without the bell demon they don't drop this iten. I also used the Golden Vortex and manged to farm the fulminated mercury very fast.
Farming the ministry gunmen be like: oil, oil, oil, oil, ministry dousing powder, oil, oil, Fulminated mer- oil
No luck while farming the two gunmen behind the gunfort idol, NG+ with demon bell and possession balloon active. Was trying it for a solid hour with no results. Beginning to think that you possibly need to be beyond a certain point in the game? Only explanation I can think of excluding ridiculously bad luck.
You're missing the first loot skill from the monk tree. Gets better with the second skill.
I got the exact same feeling. Got to the gunfort in NG+, with the bell demon, mibu balloon, and all the monk upgrades.. no luck for an hour.
They drop before ashina castle attacked is unlocked, I just got 2 with just demon bell activated
Fulminated Mercury farming:
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