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Can confirm that with patch 1.0.4 the Cannoneers still drop fulminated mercury, got 1 item from killing the one next to gun fort idol. Had demon bell activated
Should there not be another one tucked away on a ledge near the graveyard in Mibu Village? I think that’s the first one I got
After farming the gunmen by the gunfort idol for 2 hours and 15+ runs I'm pretty sure I can confirm they DO NOT drop without demon bell active. If anyone has had them drop without it and can confirm that it would be greatly appreciated.
I tried farming the gunners at outskirts wall idol for XP and money. I got 1 fulminated mercury drop after like 2 hours without demon bell active.
I farmed for 10 minutes and ended up with 5 fulminated mercury. No demon bell or balloons used.
I was in NG++ (patch 1.04) and did the shura ending so I didn't had access to the "ashina on fire" where most of it is. I had the skill "most virtuous deeds" and the ball active and farmed the guys on gun fort but they never droped it. I activated the bell demon and they started to drop it. So I guess without the bell demon they don't drop this iten. I also used the Golden Vortex and manged to farm the fulminated mercury very fast.
Farming the ministry gunmen be like: oil, oil, oil, oil, ministry dousing powder, oil, oil, Fulminated mer- oil
No luck while farming the two gunmen behind the gunfort idol, NG+ with demon bell and possession balloon active. Was trying it for a solid hour with no results. Beginning to think that you possibly need to be beyond a certain point in the game? Only explanation I can think of excluding ridiculously bad luck.
You're missing the first loot skill from the monk tree. Gets better with the second skill.
I got the exact same feeling. Got to the gunfort in NG+, with the bell demon, mibu balloon, and all the monk upgrades.. no luck for an hour.
They drop before ashina castle attacked is unlocked, I just got 2 with just demon bell activated
Fulminated Mercury farming:
Nice link ;P
One can drop from the purple Ministry guy you find talking to Juzuou in the second memory
I think I’m on a list now for googling this..
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you mean that your IP address is on a list. if that's all it takes, the average casual gamer is prolly on every list lol.