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How would this be for a dex-faith build with sharp infusion and buffs?
Finally, I can piss off Guts cosplayers with a matching Griffith cosplay!
Griffith uses a rapier, not a sabre.


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"Griffith uses a rapier, not a sabre."
Dude, you have no idea what you are talking about. Griffith uses SABRE not rapier. Do you even know the difference?
Griffith uses a sabre with a yellow line going down the center of it in his duel with guts before he left the band of the hawk he never used a rapier though because of the way animators make swords sometimes what is curved can appear straight or double edged like in bleach
why is there so much salt here? i love this weapon, esp dark-infused for my hexer builds. this is what i wanted the falchion or scimitar to be. just wish i could farm more to weigh infusions against each other. btw it has a kick instead of that stupid flip
If you search up "Mugenmonkey Dark Souls 3" then it has a really good character builder which you can use to measure weapon AR. I use it frequently.
It starts out 108, not 112.
At 40 dex and 60 int, sharp infused, buffed with CMW, this gets a 600+AR. Great for SL 140 or even SL 125 with a little less health/stamina/vit.
Whats CMW?


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Crystal Magic Weapon
any weapon with 40/60 and crystal weapon have 600+ attack ratio, even most of daggers, idiots everywhere FailFish


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Strange, considering how much of a drama there was over this weapon when Ariendel first came out but this thing's virtually vanished from the arena. I have not personally seen one for months now.

I still think it's a good curved sword, but then again 80% of arena players are running around with heavy STR weapons and heavy armor now.


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Better git gud with your lothric knight long spear and leo ring then ^.^
>Not the Ringed Knight Superior Spear

U mean the split dmg and super ez to parry spear? Yea... saint bident/plow works better if u want a spear. If your build allow greatlance to have good damage, poise and a shield offhand, go for it. R1 R1+L1 true combo them to death.
:( in my first play throughs I didn't do pvp so I didn't know there was a meta that people complained about, i was just using this against pve and any invaders, now i realize why i got hate mail XD sad to see people hating on a decent weapon though
Let the haters hate man. If you like the weapon then use it. It's your game, your world, you're free to use any weapon you want
Yeah screw invaders who complain about what you do when they invaded you in the first place
All weapons and armor should have dropped from the enemies... no wonder I had to speedrun through Snowfield. Captain ashes let's you buy the Milwood Knight set, so lame...
When sharp infused and higher than 61 Dex it is better than a refined quality build.


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I would recommend this weapon for any kind of pyromancer run, especially with the chaos or dark infusion, since it scales around A on INT and FTH
and its reqirements aren't that high either