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Wish they would of had more bosses or another dlc!!!
Don't we all
wtf is "would of"? Illiterate goober speak?
hi anon. we all say things differently. even if it isn't correct, it doesn't mean you need to throw out an insult. chill out.
Right? remember when i first ended the game (dlc included) i searched for the bosses to notice that only missed 1, happened again with the remaster, it was capra both times
You must have also mist gaping then



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he could of did capra skip on accident
How did you manage to go to depths without the key that capra drops?
With the master key starter item. you can skip the whole depth section byt going straight to the valey of the drakes. Firelink -> New londo Ruins -> Valley of the drakes -> Boom you are in Blighttown
You cant go from Blighttown to the depts without killing the gaping dragon