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I love running a mile to get to her every time I die
What worked for me was to kill her with Farron Greatsword. I just breakdanced at her.... Her feeble mind can´t handle tha moves.
Fun fact, She has a chance to ignore the active effect of VOS and rapid fire lightning arrows with unlimited poise because, SHE BS
“At once, I am the honour of the gods, the glory of fire, and the fear of the dark.” Turns on Iron Maiden
It’s not a major issue because it’s only dialogue but you can only achieve Shira’s extra dialogue when you make offerings to the covenant, joining it means equipping the badge which has no effect on what she says to you. 1 ornament unlocks the regular spear dialogue and 30 unlocks the divine spear dialogue. Again it’s no big deal but it’s wrong information that could do with some tweaking
cheesed her through the wall with toxic mist lol
Loves to spam perseverance and lightning arrow, so she's basically your average meta level faith build
I didn't knock off Midir in the bridge. I just sprint until I reach the next bonfire. Can I still do Shira's questline?
You are just skipping some dialogue. Keep going until you get to the Boss arena. If you find her summon there, then you are fine. (Make sure to be embered, obviously)
Correction: you have to knock Midir off the bridge to unlock his boss fight. Not/talking to shira afterwards doesn’t affect her questline.
I still feel like Vilhelm is more difficult
this ***** guard spawn me when i fight her. guess she want to taste my blade so bad