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Does Velkhana have a gender or is it genderless?
Every monster have gender, but Velkhana gender wasn't mentioned.
Well, I wouldn't be suprised if things like Khezu were genderless lmao but at least 99% monster species have both genders lore wise, just some are confirmed to apperar with only the same, single one all the time in game (like Gammoths in Gen/GenU are female for example) and the other may have such noticeable sexual dimorphism that each gender is treated as a different monster like in case of "Raths" for example. No info in case of Velkhana tho.
Velkhana is Female. She is a Female elder dragon same as Namielle
Devs made no mention of its gender at all. This something they don't miss out of as they have always told us what monsters are or are not exclusively male or female. Take Diablos and Black Diablos. Black is always a female; Diablos can be either. The Raths are made pretty clear. Kulve was straight up named female. Lunastra's always female. Soap dragon? Who knows, but it is fabulous! Kushala? Either or, it could be either. Have you seen confusion like this in the past? No, because the devs made it clear. Now Velkana and now suddenly Namielle are believed to be female by a small portion of players exclusively. The most common reason they parrot is based on their names alone. Because it's only these players are saying it like as if we actually got another female elder dragon, it begs the question: Is it a female or not? What must have happened here is that some idiot who had a little too much time to himself just fishing for any little reason for Velkhana to be female, and then circle jerked the idea among themselves believing it fact. They're so caught up with themselves to pay attention to the fine text or even how the devs consistently state what the monsters they create is what.
Wait, can it drop Large Elder Dragon Gems, or is it the only one that cant?
Don't forget your Ice Res+3
Velkhana will be a fun fight
Does elderseal effect Velkhana ?
Three stooges on the ground but no has to focus me above everything else, lovely. And running is still the dumbest form of attack, 800 armor 20 ice res, and RUNNING, TAKES HALF MY HEALTH WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS DRAGON
Cause Velkhana is broken. I can't get a team together to help me beat her and to add on the platform I play on everyone dies way to quickly. I wish I could get a proper team cause I use a bow.
Any advice for the Velkhana fight? I use longswords and greatswords so I need a little advice.
Make the Anjanath, glavenus, or rathalos weapon and knock him into walls every single time you can.
Alright thank you.
Also like Vaal and Namielle. Always hug her. Shes at her most dangerous when you have distance between her. Hug her body and of course watch out for her close range ice attacks. Her scariest and most dangerous attacks (other than her "super" attack) is the breath attacks she does at mid/long range.
Do NOT stay away from Velkana unless he uses an attack that blows up below himself. Also dodge toward Velkana during his tail stabs. They don't track inward very well, and if you are far from him, then dodge away.
do we Know anything lore wise about this elder dragon
He turns things into popcicles.
It's shell and scales are made of frozen magma.
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Finally someone with a ounce of sense on this wiki
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I never played it, and never will play it, but honestly, what does Fortnite has to do with Monster Hunter: World anyways?
Why do people think Velkana is female? The game did not establish that. The creators never established that. So who made this up? Why?
Who *****ing cares? Stfu
Who *****ing cares, shut up
Because obviously there's a reason why people are questioning and arguing over it. This is some loopy***** and I want to know why. None of these morons can't conjure a single reason, yet they parrot the same thing that for all we know is completely unfounded or some idiot assuming such because the doll has eyelashes. Like seriously. Just one reason! Simple as that. The question needs to be raised because clearly you dipshits can't figure it out.
Its mainly Velkhana's name stake. Take the Velk out it you have Hana. Hana is a female name. So it's easily deduced the Velkhana is a Female Elder dragon like kulve torath and Namielle.
Its just mainly preference. Most people prefer her to be female because of her name or some other reason.
Female cause Hana? By that standard Kushala's female because of the last half of its name. Seems like grasping at straws out of nowhere. Kulve they've straight up said was female. And Namielle, same as Velkhana : it. Preference is one thing, but this is clearly not preference. Otherwise we'd be seeing this type of thing with any elder dragon before, except for Teostra and Lunastra. This is a feedback loop at work here were someone dug up one little thing, could be very unrelated for all we know, shared it on message board/blog site and now people are parroting it among themselves over and over again, while the devs did not get the memo as did everyone else who does not follow what has happened. I'm surprised this crap hasn't started anytime sooner, like with the soap dragon, and he's fabulous as hell.
Ah you got me there. Honestly its kinda unknown why most people call Velkhana female. Honestly I just call her a female out of her name and thats the same case with Namielle. I know good maybe 90% of elders are males so Personally Im just taking a guess at gender for Velkhana and Namielle. To add most people don't question these kind of things as well which is why you got these early messages from other people. Honestly just call Velkhana what you like in my opinion. Also reasons people haven't started "parroting" about this sooner also follows the fact that more people prefer Velkhana to be female and not male they probably find it weird for Velkhana being male.
Wanna know something very telling and funny about this mess? Shara Ishvalda. People call it an IT (everyone call it an it), even though its name is as feminine as it can get. Princess god or something along those lines. The only reason why peeps aren't calling it a she based on its name is that unlike Velkhana who had been known for months before the game release, people did not have the time to circulate the "X monster MUST be female because NAME" crap. I wonder if the whole Velkhana mess started in a message board site like 4chan or something.
The fact that everyone understands and refers to all these things by their respective gender, even the genderless (he or it, yes he is also a genderless expression) until SUDDENLY half of the people are saying one thing and suddenly two things must be female because of some tid bit nobody except some leak-seaking info***** would look up and then too it upon himself to convince people on things completely independent of what patterns and trends of before and especially after like Shara Ishvalda, made this extremely obvious from the get go that 1) people who call Velkhana a female because they believe that it must be were told that she was female by anyone but the creators whom always refer to it as a genderless monster and 2) that this had time to fester because these monsters were revealed months before the game came out, otherwise 3) Shara would be named female for the exact same reason(s) it was never relieved months prior. I want to stress how obvious this is. It's one of those things you know for 15 years and when something's off, people will notice super fast. So fast that it does not matter how much is wrong or how many reasons it is wrong, you just how and why it's wrong/different in a snap. It's why nobody questioned Kulve while questioning Velkhana. And maybe Namiele if they even know about it.
Also the fact that the answer to why Velkhana is female is never an easy answer to get unlike anything that was established by the game made it extra clear, that it was all made up by an unofficial party.
Why exactly does it matter, Mr. Misogynist?
Why do you even care so much? It's a monster, kill it, rinse and repeat.
That how words work. Words with "a" on the end have female gender. Kushala is female. Teostra is exception cause canon. Glavenus, Jagras, Rathalos etc all males. The fact that english doesn't has genders for words doesn't means the rest of the world doesn't Also she looks extremely feminine, with sleek body, small paws and long face. And she is reffered as she by the actual NPCs too.