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-IMPORTANT DISCOVERY- Channeler Trident is not necessary for achievement! I also got the achievement with both artorias swords but without the shield! Hopefully this helps :)
Hope this get confirmed. That would mean you don't have to go to NG++ and only need 2 Souls of Sif
I just got my trophy. Channeler's Trident is DEFINITELY necessary. I got it for last after getting every weapon on the list and as soon as I got it, the trophy popped.
I have every weapon on this list and its not popping up. ive checked more than 10, probably more than 20.... i have EVERY SINGLE ONE and its not working. WTF!
Don't check 10 or 20 times, write down every item here (or on notepad) and check it off as you go through the list in game. That way you won't be mistaken by checking 10 and 20 times and can ensure that you truly do have everything listed here.
try dropping weapons and picking them up that might help it pop
I’ve collected every item as well, double checked, and even wrote it down and checked it off the trophy isn’t popping.
I started this in 2016, I'm finally about to get all the items on one character in 2019. I'm finally ganna do it.
Me too. 400+ hours later. .......stupid trident.
Can you please help me by dropping the weapons? I dont need them so I can give them back.
Similar boat... Finished my 3rd playthrough thinking I got everything, but I'm missing one of Artorias weapons and one other... Time for a fourth...
Nice work I have platinumed all souls games except vanilla ds and demon souls. I’m about to do this one now
Dude me too!
Bruh just 20 humanity and gold ring that ***** you’ll get it in no time
what if I selled a few weapons? do I get the Achievement or not?
No you need to have all of them at the same time
Do you not need the Abyss Greatsword?
I'm stupid, that's a DLC weapon...
It's okay, everyone makes mistakes.
Just wanted to say can confirm the Cursed variant of greatsword of Artorias is required, as I already had true sword and great shield and defeated sif for the third time. Upon making the cursed greatsword at anor londo, the achievement popped.
Is the obsidian greatsword required in remastered version?
As of 2020, on remastered on pc I experimented as some comments describe. Having all weapons except cursed artorias sword DOESN'T work. Also having all weapons and cursed artorias sword on a different character DOESN'T work either. Guess we need 3 Sifs
The main rundown of this achievement is Sif, if it wasn't for him you'd just need half of the NG+, all bosses after Anor Londo don't have soul weapons
You guys are dumb you gotta 100% the whole thing get covenant weapons get tails get hidden loot also beat the game 3 times to get everything you need such as 3 each of certain boss souls *confirmed* have 150 plus hours and on ng++
You are dumb. Only 2 and a half playthroughs are needed. Sif is the only boss that requires 3 souls