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Non-elemental boost isn't in the list.
This list should be on a grid (like this one:
Other than being stuck, or it being something you must have why would you want to look up every -how to - for an entire video game? All the suspense is gone after looking up the whole game. It's a lot more enjoyable to see what you stumble on going in on your own gut. Creates a play type profile as well letting you know where you stand in the game. Characterises how you game, and if not then at least does so for a particular game. Log in, explore under every rock, and mental note/ or document what does, and doesn't work. Looking up all of it defeats the purpose.
The old one for ps2 would have people crying today. Way more difficult to obtain wanted items, and materials. No combination list that showed you what possible items existed, or that showed you what each one combined with. There was even an active combination success/fail rate percentage meaning when combining you might fail, and end up with only garbage.
i can't speak for everyone else, but I personally don't care about effect spoilers. They don't excite me like finding a new monster or seeing a new area. It's like on their own skills are just meant to be used and aren't something you experience like fighting a monster you didn't know existed. There's also less to take in, like you just read it and think "okay cool I can use that", or "welp there's another thing I don't ever plan to use". Monsters and areas are different because everyone can fight every monster regardless of build, and every area is a new experience for any player. I totally agree that spoiling the monsters and areas for yourself takes away from the experience.
LOL you can go ahead and waste your life on doing things you'll be doing IRL. Define spoiler: something that ruins the experience. Are you a developer that knows the intended experience?
When you have 500+ hours, there no suspense. Reference sites like these are what help ppl make informed decisions about builds, fights, and weapons. I'd maybe agree with you if it was your first time going through the story /nice to see things firsthand/ but after that, its good to have a reference for anything you'd want to know. I spend plenty of time making dps meta-builds *with* this site, I've got no interest in floundering around through in-game menus at this point. Besides, ppl have fun in there own way; someone likes looking stuff up before trying it firsthand n thats how they have fun? power to em
Speaking as a beginner, this game is designed with a very small loop of activity. So part of the fun is knowing everything that is available, then planning how to attain it. The suspense of stumbling into things is not ideal with this design. Maybe for a linear game with an ending, but this game does not have a real ending. Planning and becoming efficient in acquiring the objective is fun for a lot of people. By your analogy, why play games at all if you can just watch someone play through a walkthrough on YouTube?
Knowledge is power, everyone knows this. With that being said, if you don't know something and never run into that something with normal gameplay, you hinder yourself from that knowledge, and who knows that knowledge that you could have learned from reading a simple text online, can help you deliver more damage in a game without you even realizing it. On one aspect you may be right(ruining the first time experience for yourself) but on the other aspect you're definitely wrong. Once you've played the game the first time through, you want to get better, and in my opinion if someone else has success, try it that way first to see if it works for you if not then look for a different route. Remember that knowledge is power.
I'm new to the game and wanted to figure out what status effects are being applied to me. This list was helpful. To each their own play style, the game does not force players to look this stuff up, but if they want to it's their choice. I currently don't find beating my head against a wall and hoping I randomly stumble upon the solution to a monster constantly knocking me down to be a great solution or fun. I'll look up the effect, learn about it, and strive to obtain the item in game to help me.
The set skill Guild Pride is missing from the list and I don't know how to add it!
Functionality skills are missing, sleep functionality and poison functionality for instance
The skill "Provoker" is missing from this list. It increases the chance that a monster will target you (instead of a teammate) by 20%. There's only one item in the game that has the Provoker skill, the Showman's Earrings. The Showman's Earrings are earned by beating Arena Master Quest 06 and Arena Master Quest 07 with a B rank or higher.
No, its up there near the end
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they forgot one, I can't remember what it's called, but it improves your internet connection, it actually exists and it's the rarest skill in the game
Honest to god I cannot tell if you are lying or not.
Yeah, it’s called the lag free charm. Varys with level
I understand