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If you choose to invade him, does he 'drop' the ring of favor or is it 'given' to you? Seems like it'd be given.
Apparently you are 'given' the ring, good to know for challenges where this technicality means the diff between getting and not getting it.
If you trade the x crown to the nest, you will be GIVEN the ring of favor.
Phase 1: unequip weapon (cuz u suck at kicking), Phase 2: kick, Phase 3: fapfapfap
I don't know what's the big deal about killing this guy while invading him in Anor Londo. Just grab a Zweihander on both hands and do the R2 attack. Cheesy.
worst man in the world
***** this ***** *** *****
I attacked him and then he made a backflip off the edge lol
You can actually heal yourself when invading
using estus DSR let u use estus when u invade
miracles work too cleric knights are pretty good after all
Run up either sets of stairs, drop off, hit him a few times. Repeat.
“An Balder Knight”
"An ukelele" I don't see the problem here.
And people complain about Patches...