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Curious that they're weak to lightning?
They're covered head to toe in metal armor...
Seems they're weak to Dark, also, I'm shredding them with the deep battle axe you get from the mimic
If You're planning on farming Sunlight Medals the Hollowslayer Greatsword is the way to go, stunlock with 2H works just fine.
every time i see this guy all i can think of is the, oh mywamu mu shidaharu meme
Everyone remembers the first time you see this guy walk out of the building next to the dragon and just s*** yourself
I ran...
Little tip they have very poor poise and can be stun lock by weapons with descent knockback
So things like axes, great swords, hammers all that jazz
I did my heavy enemy parry training on these knights, as one of there attacks is very easy to parry for the critical hit, especially effective using one of the shields with the extended parry frames as well as equipping the hornet ring, and you can riposte the hell out of these guys for major damage, and using a sword that they are weak to is really great as well. Even at new game +3, I am able to two hit the red eyed knights and one hit the normal lothric knights using the blessed target shield to parry, the hornet ring and then quickly switching to the chaos dagger for the critical hit, makes these guys kinda a joke as long as it's a one on one fight. Although I do not recommend trying to parry the knights that rock the great shield and spear. Instead us a weapon that does a guard break and after a few hours of practice, you will never have an issue with these guys ever again, useless you get double teamed or you are just not that gud at the game.
I got a blessed gem from one of them