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Spotted in west lands at top mound where the ants are


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Updated the page with some more information after we were able to find a few today, including the locations they spawn in each of the biomes!
Only shows half of the location, needs update for the area for volcanic region and don’t forget the rare variants who can be encountered in lv 5 areas. Also the higher level the more likely they appear.
Some can be found in area 9 too around the tree by the northern exit of that zone
Can also be found in area 13, rotten region, behind the Devil's Blight mushroom.
Can also be found in area 14, volcanic region, to the right of the 'nest' along the back open wall. They show up right around the tall rock.
are these out on pc yet? been hunting for awhile and haven't found any
Yup found bunch of em in the guiding lands
How do you get the bounty for these bois?
PC= i found the normal and the fluffy in area 11 on die bridge from corall areal . in desert area 9 by the tree down.