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Read all the comments, you'll see they call it as "Huntsman's CORPSE"... It's not corpse guys, remove the "r", it's "COPSE".
Idiots, man
Is it bad that after awhile of saying it, I relized there's no "R" in it
walk through for xbox1/ps4/ and dx11 on this page is not for Huntsman's Copse, please correct.
it’s a shame I can’t obtain the sceptre that the executioners wield. man that thing looks culty af!
Stats needed for Sunset staff wrong. Need 22 int and 18 faith
Creighton cannot be summoned in DS2, only in the SotFS version. Please note that.
So we don't have a npc to summon?
Corpse has an R in it.
Copse is a small group of trees.
Git gud at spelling. Casul
"This guy makes Havel look easy" Lol. Sorry, they are both easy. Havel, if you refer to DS1's Havel, you just kill him as he gets stuck in the doorway. This guy, his greatsword just staggers off whenever he hits your greatshield. Then shoot him in the face with Heavy Soul Arrow or your preferred melee.
Everything is easy in DS1 if you cheese
yeah try to kill him in a legit way as a mele warrior, not using glitchs, noob
Did you just unironically call someone a noob in 2020? Scrub.
Did you just say unironically in 2020? Shut up, noob.
That phantom at the fog gate still gives me nightmares. I've literally never been able to kill him.
i legit just parried him twice with the buckler and stabbed him with the dagger and he died,for me it was harder to get to him from all the hollow torturers :P
I find executioners op
There is five executioners that jump down not four