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Lightning defense gives 1.5-2pts avg per pt of endurance up until a softcap of 60 endurance where it starts to give 1 lightning defense
HERE are the stamina upgrades beyond level 40, if anyone else here is curious, since this site FAILS to give the FULL results. The game's only been out for 3 years guys.... Embarrassing. Update this crap. ALSO, while you do have 161 stamina at level 50, THAT IS MISLEADING. Okay... You get one point of stamina at these levels of endurance... Lvl 46, Lvl 52, Lvl 58, Lvl 64, Lvl 70, Lvl 76, Lvl 82, Lvl 88, Lvl 94 and Lvl 99. All are in increments of 6 levels except for the last which is in 5. Who runs this site???
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I think they assume some intelligence on our part when they say you only get 10 more points of stamina over 60 levels, you can divide 60/10 and get increments of 6.
ya know you could just edit the page yourself


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You can divide 60 but your point stands. Nearly every other page has wrong Scaling listed and weapon Infusions... Yesh, it's a mess.
you just might be dumb! go review Intelligence instead :)
wow thats super helpful info
Just some info for anyone wondering about 40 endurance with ring of favor +3, it will bring you to 179 stamina. Prisoners chain wont add any more, due to the softcap, so if you plan on using that as well then make sure you only level endurance to 35
I have prisoner's chain and rof+3, I had 163 stamina at 35 endurance and 166 at 36. If these tables are to be believed, this should be impossible.


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RoF doesnt give you more Endurance, it increases your stamina by a percentage. The table is correct, it just doesnt account the bonus you get from the RoF
this stat table is more chopped up than people encountering sword master for the first time
I feel like 30 is enough for a 100-200 sl build. Am I making a mistake by not leveling up to 40 or so?
If you never run out of stamina, you never need lose HP.