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What is this used for? I got it a while ago and still haven't found out what it's used for.
Normal shots charm I know that much
some charm upgrades where did you get it from?
You get this from bonepiles in the guiding lands, in the ancient forest areas.
Yu use it for the new Layered armour sets
not just *layered armour" -> used for weapon augments as well, for example: chrome knight sword III, augment - custom upgrades- upgrade lvl 1 Great Jagars mod - Rugged Mane x5, Fierce Dragonvein bone x6, Mossy Greatbone x5 not really worth it but i assume it get better way down the higher the level of upgrade you are
also used for normal shot charm
Also needed for first monster augment (Tobi-Kadachi) on bows. 5xMossy Greatbone, 5xBlinding Cathode, 6xFierce Dragonbone
Normal Shots ll Charm use Mossy Greatbone
How do you loot those if you are Tier 2 ?
The Tier page explanes how it has nothing to do with region level and is about resource level, it goes up as you farm but how do you lower it ?
I only loot Woodland Greatbones when I need the Mossy for my layered :(



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The only way to lower your resource tier is by continuing to farm for resources until your progress bar reaches maximum, at which point it will reset. So basically just keep farming bones in the Forest Region, and eventually the resource level will reset to Tier 1.
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