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I would use it, but then I saw I have to put 2 points into dex. Enjoy your dexfag weapon.
That's why you start as deprived
It destroys every ****** that dares fight me, like a big black *****. Wishing this was put into sekiro so i can ***** genichiro's whinny ***** *** with it
Why the dislikes he’s right lol
fugs :-DDDDD
Whats the minimum str requirement to double hand fugs?
the half. 25 strenght
34 strength to two hand it
2handing gives you an extra 25% of your STR stat, meaning you only need 75% of the given requirement. 75% of 50 = 37.5, rounding upwards meaning you need 38 STR to 2hand.


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Half the STR requirement would only be true for Dark Souls 2 (I'm not sure about Dark Souls 1). In the 3rd, you pretty much need to meet 2/3 of the STR requirement.
34 str for two hand
Str req ÷ 1.5
I have just recently seen this with the remastered, but the fugs looks as if the dragon Greatsword has been covered in grime and use, or it is broken in some ways. Has anyone else thought of this or am I just crazy
i always aw it as more of a demon great machete covered in stone


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it's an executioner greatsword. Like for executions. famous design, though.
I tried FUGS after GUGS and the first thing I noticed that FUGS can`t do second R1 into third R1 true combo (or L2>R1>R1), opponent just roll away after get hit by second R1. It does make no sense, they both have identical moveset. This is a serious flaw compared to GUGS
Are you *****ing dumb? No weapon can combo into third r1 *****ing dumbass.
The greatsword's 2nd r1 combos into the next r1. The l2 has nothing to do with it. I'm not sure why the greatsword is the only vertical greatsword to do this, but there it is.
Kind of funny how they chose like 20 things to put in from ds2, one of them being the remains of poison pissland (peak ruins)
I'm cool with the damage (~650 Strike damage with 66 STR when 2H'd and is buffable) and even that it doesn't get the R1-R2 or R1-jumping R2 true combos like the Cathedral UGS gets (since, with buffing, it could potentially one shot too easily), but for the love of God, fix the stamina drain from the WA stomp and neutral guard. It's the whole reason I prefer the FUGS over any of the others, since you can use it defensively too, but even the gentlest of light attacks drains so much stamina I may as well as sit there and let them smack me around since I'll be doing it anyway after all my stamina is gone.
I assume this was just venting. Surely no one thinks DS3 is getting any balance patches after all this time.
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FUGS rekz
It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron
That’s what she said