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What would be the advantage of going fire plus 5 instead of fire plus 10?
u get 10 fire instead of 5 fire lol
+5 fire is not a fully upgraded weapon, if you want fire you go +10 or chaos +5. There is no advantage to only +5 fire
Mathmaking on low lvl characters
Can we all just admit that the Siegs of DS are followers of the Legend's teachings, I mean they almost religiously cling to the Zweihander.
I find it funny how Zwei in German means two, meaning that this weapon's name is pretty much Two Hander.
Zweihänder = Two hander
despite having the lowest strength requirement out of any ultra greatsword
And it's basically supposed to be a two-handed weapon
It is wrong that it doesn't stagger bosses. I was just amazed yesterday to find out that a double handed strong attack actually stops both Orstein and Smough in the middle of their attack. So pleasant to stop Smough just before getting hit and dealing massive damage. I FELT POWERFUL
my O&S fight is just ornstein being smacked down then smough being stagger locked until he dies with this
Power Up the Base Cannon!
When you upgrade this weapon to fire, it loses the STR and DEX scaling?
Yes, then you upgrade to chaos and become unstoppable
Yes, then you upgrade to chaos and it becomes a Bass Cannon. The Legend Never Dies.
Humanity scaling is rather strong, so yeah, chaos, don't bother putting strength or dex up past the minimum requirements 10 dex and 16 str if two handing, 24 str if one handing. But don't bother one handing if you want to go pure giant dad. Also, don't tell anyone you leveled dex.


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My fav weapon in the game.
you sure? i can think of a certain dragon hammer that might suit you better
Dragon Tooth +5 is known as Zweihandler +20
Dragon Tooth +5 is known as Zweihandler +20 :)
16 Fkn Strength!



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The Legend Never Dies.