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This made yellowfinger heysel invade me after I already beat the crystal sage


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She can invade regardless. Crucifixion Woods has two bosses technically—Crystal Sage and Abyss Watchers. So yes, you can still get invaded after the Crystal Sage if the Abyss Watchers are alive.
The main weapon of professional fight club hosts, their secondary being insta-curse
DF solo in Woods, is it normal to get 3 Watchdogs at the same time in that scenario?
Probably for twink builds yes
Fyi two spirits can ivade if one is a npc
Does the dried finger increase enemy and boss difficulty?
no it doesnt
Dried Finger is boys... naked.
I try to use this at pontiff to start fight clubs but I can never summon more than 2 by red sign I don’t get why
Even the description says only 2 dark spirits are allowed to invade after use of this item read it next time
you can't kill aldrich if you want to have a bunch of people in your game there
If you've cleared the area you'll only be able to summon 2 dark spirit, hwile on the contrary if you have not cleared the area you'll be able to summon up to 5 dark spirits
If you kill the boss on any area the max phantoms drops to two
Does the effect wear off when I quit out or will I still be DFd when I load back in?
DF wears off after any sort of transition, so yeah
DFd => Dried Fingered?
if that so. nice
It will go away if you die or leave the map the the hub area
Can I use to summon someone to spawn quelena
Cuz I killed egg Man and said yes to Laurentius
Yes most likely