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This item is *****ing dumb, trying to invade: 1st Disconnect , one lost 2nd Failed to connect, another one lost 3rd Gank, another one lost 4th couldnt even connect, another one lost Srsly wtf were they thinking, dont make it disappear if the host *****ing disconnects -.-
Get the Red Eye Orb
can they be sold?
nevermind. they can be sold for 10 souls.
The 5 you get is a pretty small number, considering almost all invasions at highwall are ganks, twinks, or ganking twinks. Unfortunately I'm not fighter PL or patient enough to twink myself. I wonder how many new players turned towards offline play because highwall pvp is the least fun part of the game, no hyperbole
Have you seen upper swamp? Trust me that is the most cancer area
Yeah but at that point the tryhards and watchdogs mostly duke it out on each other
nice, keep losing them because connection issues. *******
Get the red eye orb, it has unlimited uses. Leonhard gives you a key to a tower. You go there, you kill the dark wraith and he drops the perfect orb.
oh you lost your connection and it was a consumable red eye? well too *****ing bad kid! we're fromsoft and we're lazy and don't give two*****s out our fans
after you kill the abyss watchers in the "Road Of Sacrifices" Chaper, you can kill the enemies outside of the building. I'm trying to soul farm in that spot because there are enemies that give 160 souls per kill with just the covetous ring(you can get at the top of the firelink shrine). Also, there are two enemies there that have dark armour and they give about 500 souls per kill and they drop the cracked red eye orb. I have 99 cracked red eye orbs now that i don't really use cause i don't particularly want to fight people currently with my stats.