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I need help farming those on xbox i could help you too, my username is blackjack622
i need them too. If u still want them we can help each other
If anyone wants to tarde kills, im EHEMGAMES on ps4
Anyone want to help me on xbox one? I’ll also help you farm, gamer tag is “Exitium Verum”
Anyone wants to trade kills for vertebra? PS4 id is iluvamei
Would need to farm them as well, willing to return the favor, psn Campi65457
xb1 gt: Wumbo Arts will help too or give any boss soul weapons
I need a trade, my steam friend code: 349317733
I could use that trade; need the shackles myself
Looking to trade on PC: 1230706
Ps4. Lets trade kill for this item. PSN ID: Vilce_
Looking to trade on PC: Steam code is 61475690