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How do you unlock this quest? Cuz I apparently don’t have it unlocked, yet I went to search for an SOS flare, completed it, and it still says I don’t have it
Have you done the delivery requests for the botanical team? I had same problem until I noticed those
This quest is apparently bugged for some people. I lost my progress to this quest and submitted a ticket to capcom.
I cant find this quest too need help been 2 day already
To unlock this make sure you've been completing the botanical research quests. Be sure to speak with the team in seliana and astera.
All prior Delivery Requests related to the Botanical Researcher are required for this quest to become available. This includes requests such as "To Hold a Harvest" and "Supply Solution."
I found that "Your Storage Solution" had never unlocked for me, but then I randomly completed a delivery for a HR Teostra item and then the laid back researcher had it for me. This was the last thing I needed to unlock Secret of the Ooze and it was infuriating that I couldn't get it to appear.
Make sure you check the NPC "Resource Center" to make sure you complete the 2 delivery quest that requires 2x aquasac and 1x torrent sac. (need the npc to complete it, the resource center at your ESC button cant complete) After that travel to Seliana and talk to seliana sailor (in front of where u spawn) to get the quest.
-Step 1: check the NPC "Resource Center", make sure you complete the delivery quest: "Your Storage Solution" and "Secret of the Ooze" You can solve it by hunting "Jyuratodus" in 2 parts, for the 2x aqua sac hunt it in assigned quest: The Piscine Problem HR 3 | Then hunt him again in High Rank Expedition (select map, open high rank tab, go to Wildspire waste) -Step 1.1: Finish all the other quests in the list : URL is the website, + /Botanical+Research -Step 2: After that travel to Seliana and talk to seliana sailor (in front of where u spawn) to get the quest.
Me again from the first 2 post. Sorry about the multi post. I updated what I mentioned into the Wiki itself ( Heading: Prerequisites). Hope it helps! Cheers. -Dante
Finally get to do it. 1st. to make sure u solved "storage solution" and "to hold a harvest", go to the npc "Resource Center" and make sure u solve the 2 delivery, go get the 2x aqua sac and 1x torrent sac to finish. do the 1st one, talk to the laid-back botanist to get the 2nd one and get the item and go back to the resource npc to solve the next one. (u can also press escape and check the resource center there, but u can complete it from there, need the npc. 2nd. Based on one of the previous anonymous comment here, talk to the seliana npc "seliana sailor" basically the 1st npc in front of u at seliana, he will give u the quest. I spent few hours figuring this out... Good luck and enjoy. _____________ Aqua Sac: Torrent Sac: