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Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this beauty deals strike damage?
This is obvulosly gael's greatsword before it was used in battle
Surprised no one's mentioned that this is also a possible reference to Terminus Est, the sword wielded by the character Severian in "The Book of the New Sun" series of novels. When wielded in-game, there are etchings along the center blade and sides, which is how the sword is described in the books.
That's how the executioner's swords used in the european middle ages were commonly decorated.
The stunlock is real.



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This restores FP regardless of if you kill something or not. That includes enemies attacking eachother (like the Darkwraiths and Ghru) and other people killing enemies regardless of if you're on the host's side or an invader. You know, combine this and other FP gaining items with a healing miracle and you will wind up with some really good level sustain.
Good for pve casting, otherwise I've really only used it in the catacombs because of the blunt dmg