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Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this beauty deals strike damage?
"ah yes, because the best way to decapitate one is with a stick, or a rock, not anything sharp, that would be ridiculous"
The Executioner's Armor clearly states he was a sadist.
This is obvulosly gael's greatsword before it was used in battle
Well ya duh
Yeah it's almost like you can see Gael using it when you summon him for Friede or the Demon Prince.
Surprised no one's mentioned that this is also a possible reference to Terminus Est, the sword wielded by the character Severian in "The Book of the New Sun" series of novels. When wielded in-game, there are etchings along the center blade and sides, which is how the sword is described in the books.
That's how the executioner's swords used in the european middle ages were commonly decorated.
I dont get the downvotes, it true that it's an actual sword, but the books talk about the same desing with a plus, the (human) leather holster that is caracteristic from the books. I've made a couple Severian RP builds around this blade and casting miracles, really satisfying. Just get a cape, some str/dex/fai for heals, and you are good to go.
I also think this sword is Terminus Est.

> Greatsword of a debauched executioner used for beheadings.

debauched means: "to corrupt by intemperance or sensuality", which describes Severian's eventual departure from the role of executioner, to omit spoilers.

> This sword retains a keen memory of its executioner's duty

Severian is noted for his eidetic memory.
The stunlock is real.


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This restores FP regardless of if you kill something or not. That includes enemies attacking eachother (like the Darkwraiths and Ghru) and other people killing enemies regardless of if you're on the host's side or an invader. You know, combine this and other FP gaining items with a healing miracle and you will wind up with some really good level sustain.
Sweet thanks for the info!
Good for pve casting, otherwise I've really only used it in the catacombs because of the blunt dmg


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Hello Gael's Greatsword but not worn down to the nubs :D Also, recommend this for pve due to 1.) strike damage which nearly everything is weak to 2.) Stomp is good if you're cornered or against multiple mobs 3.) Can be buffed 4.) Reall among the few good strengh greatswords cons - cant be infused - no thrust attacks - fp recovery is not very good, just take a simple shield (literally) - claymore exists but hey, finally something different
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Honestly, this great sword is pretty good with the only major downsides being that it can’t be infused and it does not have a thrust attack, but these weaknesses are countered by its strike damage and its stomp which does fairly good damage with a large aoe. Personally, this greatsword is one of my favorites.
I used this on my first playthrough, and wielded absolutely nothing else once I found this. Good times. Pure casters might balk at using this because of its relatively high stat requirements. That's fair, but I can heartily recommend this for hybrid, spellsword builds. I don't recall FP being a problem while using this. (Carthus Flame Arc for the win.) Physical builds should of course also take a look at this, since you can make use of the weapon art without worrying about ashen estus flasks.