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You can farm these 100% drop rate from the first Black Crow with dual claws you encounter in DLC1, it respawns and you can just kill it over and over again.
would rather kms than farm that *****er, worst enemy. even worse than the leaper ghrus.
If you shoot them with spells from above by the bridge near the bonfire, they stand helplessly while you rain spells down on them. Jump down to get the drop, then return to BF to repeat.
"Guaranteed (rare) drop from Smoldering Ghru" - What? Guaranteed to rarely happen? Er, thanks...
How unexpected, Fextra not including information. There are many large shards in Ashes of Ariandel. I believe its 1 from each large wolf, 2 from crystal lizards, and one drops everytime from the Corvian Knight located in the Corvian Settlement.
Have you thought about adding the information yourself, rather than perpetually whining?
Yeah but who actually wants to fight a corvian knight
1 droped by fire breathing drake in lothric castle which you can kill with ranged attacks
They need update. it's dropped by big wolf on Ariendel.
The Lothric Knight walking away from the Lothric Castle is by far the easiest one. If you've come that far he's not too much trouble, and he drops the Lothric set as well as occasional Sunlight Medals.
Lothric Castle bonfire*
Thanks dude! Or Dudet! Saved me some time!
Plus you can also get Chunks from him (rarely) and Embers. But the Large Titante Shard is guaranteed, the only time you don't get it is when it's a chunk.
in smouldering lake there's one under the sandworm as well making a total of 13 in that area not 12
The crab drop is random tho, so it's still 12
Can be dropped from the lothric knights at lothric castle.
3 are dropped by the Gravetender Greatwolf each time you fight it before it's boss fight. It spawns until killed at the entrance and the exit to the millwood ruins, for 6 large shards total.