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craft with rope + high quality air essence + sheet of paper.
What is the point of this skill?
It has niche moments. Such as stealing large amounts of items near traders, since it counts as a single theft. The ability to steal at range (possibly out of sight now), stealing without putting points in telekinesis, taking an item from a fallen enemy without entering attack of opportunity rings, etc
Transport pickupable items in the target area into your inventory.
Great skill to have when in areas with a lot of strewn around loot
High tier skillbook don't work for this recipe
ah the loot ninja spell
A must have for all hoarders and loot enthusiasts. you can even consume barrels and sell them for tiny amounts of money! money you wouldn't have otherwise!
But where do we get Blank Air Skillbooks? (High Tier ones don't work to make the skillbook)
this is the best skill in the game
i think The Seneschal from the academy is the only npc that sell this spellbook
One of the stranded merchants (Top north of Reaper's coast, near the sawmill) sells this as well.
Gratiana sold/stolen it! Idk how it happened, but from my memory of 8 months you had to be a lvl 16 for it to be sold/appear in store. I got mine at lvl 9! On on Fort Joy...